It has its own nights on television. It has its own shows on radio and on the cable network it even has its own channels. There is no doubt that the subject of local history is one of the most fascinating of all educational subjects and to prove the point all we need to do is look at the success of Terry Deary’s Horrible Histories!

The reason it is so popular is simple - anyone can relate to it. Unfortunately for many years the subject has been confined to those who felt that they had an educational advantage over the majority of people throughout Belfast. For years these ‘educated historians’ have taught us the history which they wanted us to hear and therefore giving an impression that the subject was ‘boring and dusty.’ This is no longer the case as more and more people become interested in their own local and factual history. It was out of this interest that in 1991 the Glenravel Local History Project was born.

Today many people are becoming extremely interested in the history of their area. Many are coming together to find out about this and in different parts of the country there are community programs set up to explore the subject. Our history is also from this background when a community decided to come together to explore the history of a section of our area which contained the old Belfast Poor House and the historic Clifton Street Cemetery. In the centre of this area stood Glenravel Street and it was from this that we choose our name. Our overall aim was to create a new community based interest in the history of our district and to achieve this various articles were written by members of the group and published in numerous newspapers and magazines. We have also published our own material covering the histories of other Belfast districts as well as subjects ranging from local ghost and crime stories.

We have two main publications which are Belfast History Magazine and Ireland History Magazine. Belfast History Magazine is on sale in all leading newsagents throughout the city every month. Ireland History Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which is sold all over Ireland.

In addition to this we also conduct monthly tours which we have been carrying out since 1991 - long before any of the other tour companies were even heard off! But what makes our tours different? We have no doubt that our tours offer the best value for money as not only do you get a two and a half hour tour but it is also 100% factual and not “for entertainment purposes only.” We give out three local history publications as well as a local history DVD and we are sorry to state that our competition can not even closely compete! For details click the ‘Tours’ button above.

We also organise numerous excursions and while we can not state we have visited every site of historical importance we have certainly visited most of them. We have also organised trips abroad and our recent ones have been to St Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin, Warsaw, Rome, Paris, Budapest and Istanbul.

In order to keep up to date on all our events and publications keep a watch on our Facebook Page which you can view below.

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