The McMahon Family Murders

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It is now just over 80 years since hte horrific murders of the McMahon family in North Belfast, N.Ireland. In these eight decades Belfast has went through dramatic changes and many would suspect that a single incident such as this would be long forgotten. This is certainly not the case. Belfast is made up of number of different communities and within these communities very little is ever forgotten. The mcMahon killings are not only still remembered byt are still causing controversy. For example there are individuals within the city who want a house on the Ballygomartin road listed and basically converted into a shrine to the memoruy of a District Inspector John William Nixon. Nixon was a police officer who went on to be a polition. In political terms he was quite unentful and in reality his own cliam to fame in this regard was that he had the horror movie Frankenstein banned in Belfast. This poses the question as to why his house should be converted into such a shrine? The answer is quite simple - it was Nixon who carried out the murders of the McMahon family.

My first project on the McMahon murders began over ten years ago and it is still a subject which, as a local historian, I am still extremely interested in. I have published three booklets on it, have published articles in the Belfast Magazine, have included it in my book Milltown Cemetery and in the publication The Troubles. I have had it featured on BBC Radio Ulster, highlighted it in the columns of the North Belfast News, Irish News and Andersonstown News. My material was even used in a television dreama which horrifically dramatised the killings with Nixon's name being changed to District Inspector Dixon. But yet there are still people out there who have never heard of the McMahon's terrible fate and Nixon... Article Continues within the book...

Joe Baker, March 2003

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